Physical Computing

Week 14 – Final

I started working on this project called Dating Stories. During this time, I thought about making a film, especially about people’s daily life. It’s an interactive, nonlinear film. It includes a board that people can interact with. Each move changes what’s played on the film.  It makes me wonder what I would have done if I was faced with a different choice at that time. Thus, when interacting with the board, all the players could change to a different path to shape their own stories.

I worked with my partner Chris. She and I took turns filming depending on our storyboard. We cut each clip to around 45second and each story has 7 different endings.

This story starts with an actor(Christina) who can go out with either Jarod or Douglas and make her stories and create her stories as she goes along. By moving a wooden piece from an interactive board, users can make their stories path to path.

Interactivefilm2016Jina&Chris from 정진아 on Vimeo.

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You start off by placing a wooden object at the starting point. You will see on the monitor, three characters. The first being Christine, and the other two are Jarod and Douglas. Christine is texting both Jarod and Douglas on split screens. While a short film is playing, two paths light up and players have a choice of choosing one of them.




Physical Computing Class- 8, 9

This week, we have checked a film scenario and BOM.

  • This is where we are introduced to Christine.  She is bored and not feeling the best and watching TV. (Shots of her on the couch flipping through the channels)
  • Christine has an idea, she grabs her phone and starts to go through the apps (Shot of Christine looking at phone)
  • Shot back to Christine or still on phone. Text bubble from Jared or show text screen “Wanna meet in Central Park in 15 mins?” Response from Christine “Southeast Corner? Sure!”
  • Christine grabs her coat / purse, puts on some lipstick and heads out the door
  • Jared and Christine meet in the park.  The usual awkward first meeting conversation happens. The hug and ask each other how their day is.
  • Cut to Jared.Jared is super into fitness and is in his workout gear. He thought that a perfect date would for them to go for a run together in the park.
  • Christine is surprised
  • Cut to Jared.  He talks a little bit more about his passion for fitness
  • (USER CHOICE: chooses path B) Christine turns to her purse and pull out a pair of flatter heels that what she is currently wearing (shot into bag)
  • Christine puts them on
  • They both start at a slow walking pace Jared starts talking about how he’s beginning to train for a full marathon.
  • Jared counts down to beginning the run and Christine is surprised that this isn’t what he was intending
  • Jared takes off, Christine tried for a couple of seconds and then stops, pull out a cigarette and watches him run away.
  • (USER CHOICE: chooses path A) Christine turns to her purse and pull out a pair of running shoes (shot into bag)
  • Christine puts them on
  • You see them run off down the path
  • Come to the end of the run. Jared asks Christine if she wants to grab a quick beer so they can get to know each other. Christine agrees Improv-ed
  • They show up at a bar and sit on the patio? Or inside.(need to find a location)
  • Start chatting about what they do, where they are from. Jared is starting to down many beers and getting drunk
  • Stops himself and says that maybe they should get the cheque.
  • They both are looking at the cheque book.
  • Jared hesitates
  • Mentioned that he forgot his wallet
  • “I don’t need you to pay for me.” “I’m out of here”
    Picks up the cheque, puts money in the billfold, drops it off at the bar and leaves Jared at the table.
  • Jared quickly grabs the cheque and insists on picking up the cheque.
  • They agree on seeing each other again.

Shooting plan : Nov, 21, Mon


const int LED = 3; 
const int sensor = 4;

int state; // 0 close - 1 open wwitch

void setup()
 pinMode(sensor, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop()
 state = digitalRead(sensor);
 if (state == HIGH){
 digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
 digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);



Physical Computing Class 6 – 7  Mid term Project – Talking girl
Collaborator – Danni

A talking girl from 정진아 on Vimeo.



At first, we wanted to demonstrate color transition by spinning up an abstract pattern. While we were doing little test of it, we found that in comparison to show a color transition, it seems more interesting to create a motion graphic thing. Inspired by flip book,  we came up with an idea of making an animation in a negative space between two spinning objects.

Our negative space animation is a girl whose mouth and hair  keep changing as it spins. When you get closer to her, she would talk faster and if you step back further and further, she would gradually stop talking.

Materials – frosted satin ice acrylic 24′ X 12′ , paper box , acrylic stick, 2 servo motors, arduino




kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-25-19-38-33_78      kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-25-19-38-36_11


kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-25-19-28-25_56      kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-25-19-28-23_90






Physical Computing Class 4 – motor

I was glad to learn about motors in our class so I created a dancing girl with soft fabric. Just before I made this, I took a soft lab workshop last week. It was fascinating to combine Arduino and fabric. So I decided to make a piece with moving stuff.

I bought a motor which can rotate 360° and I made a structure for a standing doll. Then, I sewed fabric for a motor cover and a dress. I covered the motor with fabric and placed a doll atop of it to keep the motor from moving around.

kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-03-14-00-11_36       kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-03-14-00-09_53

kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-03-14-00-08_31      kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-03-14-00-06_69








Class 3 – IN / OUT


kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-27-21-07-23_70      kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-27-21-07-25_7


I tried to put multiple LED lights on the board and I used a sensor that responds to touch(pressing the sensor brightens the led luminescence).

I extended the button with longer wires so it’s positioning is not relative.

I tried to use acrylic material to illuminate the LED lights.

I laser cut acrylic into tiny pieces and stacked them together in a free flowing fashion.

kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-27-11-45-37_100   kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-27-20-06-43_38


I was hoping that light would spread out in a diverse direction through the material. What actually happened was that the light didn’t completely saturate all the way through the acrylic pieces. Some of the light leaked out of the material so only part of the material lit up. I felt as if the material’s appearance might change with light flowing through it by controlling how much light passed through.


*Observation  – Cooper Hewitt Design Museum Interactive Pen


  When I visited the Cooper Hewitt Museum, the museum staff gave me a pen and explained how to use it. I was curious what functions were included in this pen.

  There were interactive tables so visitors could collect information they liked and save them using the pen. Also, this pen works as a tool for drawing, so that visitor could explore actively rather than using museum App. Visitors can not only explore objects but also influence their view points. Traditionally, in the museum, the relation between visitor and object was not connected interactively with one another. Likewise, a visitor could not experience multiple perspectives. However, like this pen, It could be a tool to expand our view points regarding object and museum curating when we were in museum.







Class 2 – Fun Switch


Clapping Switch


I started working with an Arduino board. The first thing I did was plug an LED into the board with a button and individual wires. Next, I tried pressing the button to see if the LED would light up.

After pressing the button, the LED lit up.


I drew two outlines in the shape of hands and filled in with my pencil. So both outlines contained graphite. I cut out the outlines and then taped to each outline an individual wire. I connected both wires to a breadboard.



I used with graphite on paper, kitchen foil, and conducive fabric.


Class 1 What is Interaction?

What I think interaction is, is a tool to communicate by using our innate senses.

Basically, interaction functions like people talking with each other and gives people a means to communicate with an object.

It’s used in our life extensively. I would define physical interaction as using our senses to interact with things smartphones, tablets, and computers are all examples of interactive devices.

By using our senses we can listen, think, and speak with people, animals, interactive entities.


  In this illustration, two people shake hands, a treat is given to a pet, a utility pole provides electricity to our homes, touching a tablet to do something, wireless signals transmitting back and forth to a smart phone. All of these are real life examples of differing interactions that revolve around our lives.

Future Interaction

 What if we could interact with things through mind control? What if we could move something with our eyes? Imagine what that would be like! It would be an unseen connection like invisible radio frequencies. We could move physical and virtual objects through our will and thoughts. We could use our body to interact with things/objects. Just like what you see in a science fiction film. It would be like a pet sensing the heat radiating off our bodies without physically touching us.


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