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week 7 –  Mounting Motors

* Elements I used to construct my mobile:
Sheet Metal (3×3 LINCANE AL Sheet-VENITIAN BR), gluegun, 2 wooden rods, fishing line, a wooden box, tincase, 30 rpm motor)



First, I bought sheet Metal from home depot. Then I cut the sheet metal into pieces using metal cutters. After that I glued the pieces of sheet metal that I cut together to form a structure. I ran fishing line through the sheet metal structures to connect them. I passed the line through a wooden rod that had a hole drilled into it and tied a knot at the end so that it could hang from the rod.



I drilled a fixed motor onto a piece of wood. Then I placed it inside of a box. I chose a 30 rpm motor because I felt the slow movement of this motor worked perfectly for my design. I drilled a hole through the wooden box containing the motor.Then I drilled 2 holes through a tin can, and a metal cube I constructed using the sheet metal I had bought from Home Depot. I placed a second wooden rod through the cube and the can, and through the hole drilled into the wooden box connecting it to the motor





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  1. Ben Light October 5, 2016

    Great work. I really like the standoffs you chose. And I’m curious how you got those square holes in the side.

    Looks like the whole assembly can be inserted and removed very easily.

  2. Ben Light October 12, 2016

    Cutting the pieces of the wooden leg really made for some interesting shapes. I like how they turned out. If you want water proofing, maybe adding a water proof finish to the wood would also be a good idea.

    The foam bottom looks great with the wood.

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