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Week 7  Final
1. What was your biggest take away from this piece? I learned how to work with group regarding video and how to use editing program.

2. What were you trying to say with this piece?  In this project, we tried to give an imaginative idea through plants. We took a video interviewing people having pezdecide plants. This idea was originally from relationship between human and plants so, in our video, Marco introduce Koji the plant, and listen his saying. Also, Elizabeth and her husband was talking about their pezdecide plant.

3. How was your process?  When Sharif, Marco and I completed our video project about The Pezdecide we had some difficulties to use editing tools.






Week 5 – 6 Taking a video



Sharif, Marco and I organized our storyboard and started to make a video on an infomercial advertisement. We prepared black curtains to block out the lights from the windows, 2 lighting, a camera, a plant, and a zoom mic. We decided to split the parts so Sharif was the director, Marco was the actor, and I took care of the sound. We took Marco’s scene first, and Marco explained the pezdicide plant which can talk to people.
After that we recorded interviewers’ whole experience with the talking plants. Our video voice tone goes on like an advertisement tone, something like a game show host, so maybe no one will believe there is no talking plants but we made a video that claims it is an actual product.


* Instructions: How to Raise a Talking Plant

Put plant seed where you want it to grow and put another seed which makes the plant talk. It is the orange colored seed.

pezdecide_page_1 pezdecide_page_2






WEEK 4 – Storyboard – Collaborators: Jina, Sharif, Marco


We chose Informercial video to show bizarre product.
Marco and super animated actor will be our main character.
we will introduce our product.
+ Pez  ability

Makes you feel pezy? / Relieve racism? / Makes you invisible? / Gives you “limitless ability” / Makes you nicer /Makes you meaner

+ Pezdicide

Plant in ground with seeds / plants grow naturally / plants don’t have bug problems/ chia pet / Goals / Organic Farming, no need for harmful pesticides / plants grow bigger stronger and faster/

+ pez duration
4hrs/ 8hrs/12hrs/24hrs
+Pez colors
different abilities for different colors? / could use actual pez or go with tic tags







WEEK 3 – Collaborators : Jina, Steven

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We created our sound representation for Bloodchild this week. We used Adobe Audition and had a good experience with the software. Our sound represents Bloodchild abstractly. As shown in the images, we envision our piece to be experienced as an installation. We can imagine a plain, distraction-free room where people can sit in soft chairs as they hear the sound. The room is completely white, like an eggshell.

We each recorded the sounds of frying eggs seperately so when we compared the sounds, it was totally different. For example, Jina started with oil slowly heating up and Steven recorded scraping a frypan and water being poured into a pan. The simple act of frying an egg made various noises so we created a totally different sound by mixing and layering. Jina recorded the process of going to buy an egg so there were sounds of doors slaming or someone walking down the stairs. Steven mixed theses sounds with a part of Daft Punk’s song so it merged together seamlessly. The installation is meant for audiences to hear this sound in a quiet, undisturbed place using headphones as though they are inside an egg. Through this installation we expect the audience to walk away with a surreal experience even though the sounds used were very ordinary.

Here is Jina’s 1 week sound files  – Sound Cloud





Week 1- 2
Video and Sound Class 1 –


  Thursday, September 15th, in a virtual tour I followed a map from Pejk Malinovski to the East Village. I liked the scenery of the east village. His sound project reminded me of a time when a museum guide gave me a tour of different paintings. The difference between being in a museum and this project is that the project is a virtual tour that contains real life elements such as the sound of a bird chirping. The things you hear in the virtual tour can be heard even at this moment in east village, New York. For example, you can hear the wind blowing in the tour as well as in the city.

 The sounds that I heard in the virtual tour were interesting because I felt as if someone was walking beside me and introducing a novel called the East village. When we read the novel, we found ourselves within the novel, seeing and hearing the characters come alive without external equipment.

Even without the visual stimulation of actually reading the story page to page, listening to it provides a more imaginative visual inspiration since I could immerse myself in the story more by listening to the narrator.


* Bloodchild

Octavia Butler’s short story “Bloodchild.”


  Steven and I gathered together to do a collaborative project comparing sound regarding the novel: BloodChild by Octavia Butler.

I read through the reading and it was somewhat abstract because the scenes were surreal like the egg growing into a monster. So it was hard for me to imagine the characters and their interactions. In the end, we decided to combine the sounds that each of us felt and create an abstract sound.
I found we recorded totally different sounds because I focused on recording surrounding sounds while Steven focused on the actual cooking sounds. Steven named his sounds “confusion” “cracking”, “flying”, “memory”, “scratching”, “soft flying”, and “splash”. I recorded “nothing”, “shaking”, “wind noise”, “car”, “gas”, “oiled”, “dishwash”, “walking”, and “city”.
We will the compile and edit our sounds to make a 3 minute audio recording.



In the Kirby Ferguson’s Embrace the Remix TED video and the reading The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem, I feel that I feel that some artists create their work while transforming it based on someone else’s work. This makes sense because people who live in the same era may also have similar thoughts and they might be influenced to make similar works of art.

 The materials that artists use are widely available to many different artists and they might make similar designs based on the material such as wood, canvas, and steel. What I mean is that there are many materials to use that are widely available to many different artists and they might make similar designs based on the material. In my opinion, artists should strive to be more creative to come up with a original and unique piece of work.


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