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Animation – A Wind’s Step



A wind’s step Jina Jung 2016 from 정진아 on Vimeo.

In this video, a story begins with walking trees and it changes their shapes such as pine cone and dancers.  I used my paintings which I worked in 2015 and put Grieg’s music <Grieg Lyric Pieces Book III, Op.43 – 2. Solitary traveller> .

I drew movement of trees, wind and dancers in the paper and canvas using diverse materials and took pictures. By cutting outline of each pieces in the photoshop, I layered them and put it together in the video.

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Stop motion – Boo

Alexia, Nathaniel and I were started to work a stop motion animation.

Alexia gave an idea which is inspired from the cartoon on NY times. We decided to put an ant in a simple story.
Here is a story – The ant found a costume beside a garbage. Then, the ant wear a ghost costume and walking around street. People scream and run away but suddenly, wind blow so ant realized that now he is not a huge scale of ghost.

I started to drew with a pen and a pencil I used pen to draw character. After finish drawing figures with pen on each paper , I used pencil to draw shades. While I was drawing each pieces, I found some small dot, slightly changed lines in the paper could make diverse movement. After that Nathaniel took a picture and merged them by using Dragon Frame and Alexia found some sounds and put it together.


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